Here are some common moving tips that can help with your moving journey!

  1. Purge your home:

Moving can get quite stressful, especially if you have a lot of belongings. What we always suggest is to use this time to donate or give away any items that you may not need anymore. Think of it like spring cleaning. Never hurts to get more organized before moving into your new space!


2. Know what cannot be moved (Fragile Items):

Before your movers get there, make sure any items that you are planning on moving yourself are already moved or at least labeled “Moving ourselves”. Our movers work fast and efficiently and will assume anything that is not accounted for is going into the truck.

Example of common items to move yourself: Jewelry, China, Plants, glassware, lamps, mirrors, pictures, artwork, Electronics, flat panel tv’s, Documents, Collector items.


3. Create an inventory:

Creating an inventory for yourself will keep you more organized and also help you keep track of where everything is. Having a record of your household items is useful if something goes missing. Consider keeping a spreadsheet of the contents of each box. Then, assign each box a number and all you have to do is write that number on each side (maybe with the appropriate room listed, as well).


4. Clean and organize:

Keeping your space cleaned and organized before the movers arrive will make it much easier for our movers to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Having garbage or items loosely around your space could result in damage and/or injury.


5. When the movers arrive:

Walk through your space with the mover indicating special-care items or giving specific instructions. Always be sure there is someone to do this with the mover. This step might help you avoid heartache when your belongings arrive at the new house.


6. Apartment Moves:

Make sure the elevator is booked in your old/new building and appropriate parking is arranged for our trucks. This will make your transition into your new space much smoother. We know moving is a tiring and long process, so our goal is to get you moved into your new place as efficient and quick as possible.


7. Boxes:

Looking for boxes? You can always check out your local retail stores to see if they would have any free boxes they can give away. You can also purchase boxes at Home Depot and Rona.

Always make sure your boxes are packed properly. Any boxes that are not properly closed has chances of breaking during the move.


8. Label:

When labeling your boxes, please make sure you are labeling them on the side of the box and not the top as when boxes get stacked, we are unable to see the label.


9. Measure doors and prepare furniture:

There is nothing worse then getting to your new space and not having your furniture fit through the door. If you are having any doubts that your furniture might not fit through the door, it doesn’t hurt to measure your items and double check. If disassembly/reassembly is needed, our trucks have a fully stocked tool box for situations like this.


10. Arrange to be present on Moving day:

Always make sure you are available and ready for your movers’ arrival.


11. Plan ahead for pets and kids:

On moving day, it is always a good idea to hire a sitter for your pets or kids.


12. Plants:

Depending on how far we have to drive to your new space, some plants can go into a state of shock when in the back of a moving truck. It is always suggested to move plants yourself. If you have any other questions about this please contact us directly.


13. Books:

When packing books into boxes, make sure you are using small boxes as books can get very heavy if they are all crammed into a large box.


14. Secure personal data:

Moving can be hectic at times especially if you have a lot of stuff. Any important paperwork please move yourself. You do not want to chance losing anything.


15. Double check everything:

It does not hurt to double check everything before/after the move is completed. Make sure the truck is empty and that no items were left behind. We clean and sweep the truck after every move.


16. Have bags and extra moving supplies:

Having extra bags/moving supplies on moving day is always a good idea. You never know if there was a surprise closet/drawer that got missed in your packing adventures. It doesn’t hurt to have a roll of shrink wrap.


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